Swiss Eff. Logo and view of Anchorage AK Skyline

Things To Do

Beautiful giant pink Peony flower

Just 10-15 minutes from:

View of front garden

Anchorage Airport
Downtown Anchorage
Alaska Aviation Museum
Alaska Railroad Station
Anchorage Museum of History & Art
Dimond Mall (Anchorage's largest)
H2Oasis Water Park
Alaska Zoo
Kincaid Coastal Hiking Trails
Earthquake Park
O'Malley Golf Course
Potter Marsh Wildlife Refuge

Alaskan moose photo

9321 Blackberry Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99502
907-272-0376 Fax


flowers at B&B
You might even spot
an Alaskan Moose!
Alaska Flag
Flowers flourish in the long
summer daylight hours in the
"Land Of The Midnight Sun"